TAD Lite

TMS TAD Lite was designed specifically for Louisiana LTC, ADHC, ICF/MR, SNF, Hospice and Routine Home Care Facilities, to bridge the transition from the TAD (Turn-Around-Documents) form of billing to a HIPAA compliant standard. Like our other software systems, to assure the consistent association of support information, various routines have been incorporated to facilitate this process.


  • Line-Item Billing For ADHC Providers
  • Maintains Payment & Adjustment Information
  • Manages All Patient Historical Activity
  • Maintains User Defined Diagnosis Code Information
  • Maintains Patient Level Of Care Information
  • Maintains Patient Attendance/Absence Information
  • Maintains Patient ICAP Scores For ICF/MR Facilities
  • Saves Data Entry Time By Merging SRI's LAST Information For ADHC Providers


TMS TAD Lite Software Additional Billing Entity/Tax Id (Per Entity/Tax Id) Quarter Software Support Additional Entity Quarterly Software Support
$595.00 $395.00 $130.00 $15.00