No. TMS Solutions readily supports single-user and multi-user environments.

No. TMS Solutions comes with templates that support printing on UB04 Forms, HCFA-1500 Forms and Patient Statements.

No. TMS Solutions readily supports the electronic submission of claims to their respective sources. This support includes built-in communication software that is scripted for the automatic submission of claims and the retrieval of confirmation reports. However, some insurers may utilize billing systems that require other third party software and/or resources.

With our toll-free number, high-speed internet connection and LogMeIn Rescue, we can provide you with a live introduction to the TMS Solutions. This introduction starts with the installation, the entry of key information, the entry of patient information, daily charges, payments and adjustments. An overview of the existing reports is also provided.

Together, we determine who you will be billing (Medicare, Medicaid, etc). Where possible, our clients will bill directly to Medicare, Medicaid, and BCBS. All other commercial claims are submitted to clearing houses. We contact them on your behalf, to make sure you have an EDI enrollment on file. We then setup and test your communication links and scripts.

No. TMS Solutions does not include an ICD-10 database. We allow our clients to fully manage this database as per their usage.

No. TMS Solutions does not include an HCPCS Code database. We allow our clients to fully manage this database based on the types of treatments they provide.

Support comes in three forms: 1) Via our toll-free number 2) Remotely via High-Speed Internet and LogMeIn Rescue 3) Built-in online software help

YES and NO. The only time there are additional cost when there are multiple billing entities/tax ID numbers are when providers are submitting commercial claims electronically via Clearing House. Otherwise, there are only two costs associated with the TMS Solutions: 1) The initial purchase of the software. 2) Monthly software support.

TMS Solution's supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems.

TMS Solution's supports virtually any windows defined laser and ink-jet printer.

Yes. With a current software support agreement, unlimited development of custom reports is provided at NO ADDITIONAL COST.