TMS Electronic Visit Verification Software

The EVV System is an add-on module that was designed to verify visits of virtually any type of prescribed service mandated by State Medicaid programs.

This user-friendly app can be utilized on any cellular device including non-activated prepaid Android devices. Simply log the location, exact date and time, recipient, service provided, and signature information.

While the application requires a WiFi or data connection to download/upload daily information, the app can store the information without internet/data connection until a connection is recognized.

The app comes free in the Apple Store or Google Play Store and the second form of the EVV System is required to manage all collected information.

Our existing software systems allow management to download and process verification data. For those without the existing software, there's a version available for you below.


TMS Electronic Visit Verification With TMS Billing Solutions TMS Electronic Visit Verification Without TMS Billing Solutions Additional Entity Quarterly Software Support
$295.00 $595.00 $395.00 $150.00