TMS Behavioral Health Software

Behavioral Health was designed specifically to bridge the transition from Magellan's Clinical Advisor Records Management and Billing System to our TMS Software that not only allows records management, but it fully supports billing Louisiana's Bayou Health Organizations.


  • Patient Demographics Information
  • Emergency Contact/Participant Information
  • Rendering Provider Information
  • Prior Authorization Information
  • Batch Eligibility Processing Information
  • Service Information
  • Service Code Information
  • Various User Defined Variables
  • Administrative Password Processing
  • Secure Signature Information

Billing Features

  • Print Detailed Pre/Post Billing Reports
  • Electronically Submit To All Bayou Health Organizations
  • Electronically Submit To Other Private Payers
  • Electronically Submit Adjustment & Voided Claims DIRECTLY To LA Medicaid
  • Electronically Retrieve/Manage Billing Confirmation Reports
  • Bundle Claims For All Bayou Health Providers In A Single File
  • All Communication Routine Are Scripted For Automatic Processing
  • Bill HIPAA Compliantly

EHR Features

  • Maintain Treatment Plans
  • Maintain Progress Notes
  • Maintain User Defined Scanned Documents & Notes
  • Maintain User Defined Wording & Scripts for Easy Note Generation
  • Maintain LA CANS Assessments
  • Maintain Vitals, Lab and Drug Information
  • Maintain Case Worker Notes
  • Maintain CALOCUS Worksheets


TMS Behavioral Health System Additional Billing Entity/Tax Id (Per Entity/Tax Id) Quarterly Software Support
$795.00 $395.00 $180.00