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TMS EVV System

TMS EVV (Electronic Visit Verfication) System is an add-on/module that has been incorporated in our exisitng family of TMS Software Systems.   This system is designed to verify visits of virtually any type of prescribed service as manadated by State Medicaid programs.

Our EVV Solution consist:
1)  First, a very user friendly app that can be utilized on Apple iPhones and virtually any Android smartphone device, including non-activated prepaid Android devices.   With these devices, you are able to capture the location, exact date and time, recipient, service provided and signature information.   For those providers that provide a travel allowance, we have that incorporated is our system.

While the application requires a wi-fi or data connections to  download/upload daily information, out in the field it is self contained.  While out in the field, this app can process information seemlessly with/without an internet/data connection.  Simply put, if there's an wi-fi or data connection, the app will download/upload information and if there's no wi-fi or data connection, the app will store the information until a connection is recognized.  

AND Best Of All....The smartphone app is made available FREE of charge in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  BUT it does require the second form of our EVV System to manage all collected information.

2)  Second, the incorpation of routines within our existing TMS Software Systems that allows management to download and process verification data.  For those providers that do not utilize our existing TMS Software Systems,  a version is available for you to download and process verification data.


Purchase Options & Pricing

TMS EVV System (Add-On)
(With Exisitng TMS Software System)
TMS EVV System Only
(W/O Existing TMS Software System)
Monthly TMS EVV Usage $50.00