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Thomas Management System (TMS) For Windows are fully integrated and customizable software systems designed to assist Medical Practices with daily manipulation of Patient Demographic Information, Daily Treatment Information, Payment Information, Adjustment Information and Billing.

Because many practices vary in operational procedures, billing requirements and desired reports, Thomas Systems, Inc. develops our software with the flexibility of making timely modifications to meet your specific needs.

Some features you'll find incorporated in our systems include:

  • Very User Friendly Design And Manipulation.
  • Integrated Electronic Billing Routines Include Scripted Communications.
  • System Data Is Only Limited By Your Hardware Resources.
  • Supports Unlimited Number Of Locations/Provider Number/Billing Entities.
  • Readily Designed For Network & Standalone Environments.
  • System Reports Can Cover Any Period Of Activity.
  • Data Entry Is Real-Time.
  • Software Updates Are Provided Electronically.
  • Unlimited Toll-Free Software Technical Support.

Software Product List 

TMS - ORF (Outpatient Rehab Facilities)

TMS - CORF (Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab Facilities)

TMS - CMHC (Community Mental Health Centers)

TMS - DME (Durable Medical Equipment)

TMS - Other (For All Other Medical Billing Practices)

Software Products Specifically For
Louisiana Medicaid Providers

TMS - TAD System

TMS - TAD Lite

TMS - 837P Lite

TMS - Behavioral Health

TMS - 837P Non-Ambulance

TMS - DME Lite

TMS - Check PA Codes

TMS - Employee Tracking System

TMS - EVV System