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TMS Employee Tracking System

TMS Employee Tracking System is a very straight forward and simple software system.  It was designed specifically to assist providers with maintaining and tracking crucial employee information.

System Features/Reports

  • Imports Basic Employee Informtion From SRI's LAST System
  • Tracking Employee Activity - System allows you to define the activity you wish to track on your employees
  • Employee Activity - System tracks virtually any type of user defined activity by date.
  • Employee Notes - System allows you to establish and maintain typed information on your employees.  These notes can be tagged and tracked to any user defined activity
  • Electronic Documents - System allows you scan external documents into the system using virtually any type of scanner that is recognized by Windows.  Scanned document are automatically tracked by employee and can also be associated with any user defined activity
  • Employee/Recipient Tracking - Systems allows you to associate recipients to any employee note or scanned document (Existing TMS Users Only)
  • Prints Condensed Employee Reports
  • Prints Completed/InComplete Employee Task Reports
  • Prints Employee/Recipient Association Reports
  • AND MORE!!!

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