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TMS CORF Software

TMS CORF Software was designed specifically Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab Facilities that bill Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS and Commercial payers.  Like our other software systems, to assure the consistent association of support information, various routines have been incorporated to facilitate this process.  This supporting information is important because it is typically used for billing purposes.

System Features Maintains/Supports

  • Patient Demographics For Billing Respective Payers
  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Patient Insurance Information
  • Therapist Information
  • Insurance Company Information
  • User Defined Diagnosis Code Information
  • Daily Treatment Information
  • Payment & Adjustment Information
  • Daily Appointments By Day, Therapist, Treatment & Status
  • Password Protected System
  • AND MORE!!!

Billing Features

All billing routines are designed to give the provider complete control of their billing efforts.  These routines are designed to transmit your claims directly to Medicare, Medicaid and BCBS WITHOUT the use and added cost of submitting through a clearing house.  The incorporated communication routines are scripted to automatically dial, establish the communication link, transfer your batched claims, retrieve confirmation reports, retrieve electronic remittance advices and disconnect your communication link.

  • HIPAA 5010 Compliant
  • Pre-Submission/Post Submission Billing Reports
  • Prints UB04 and/or HCFA-1500 Claim Forms
  • Capable of Directly Submitting Claims Electronically To Medicare
  • Capable Of Directly Submitting Claims Electronically To Medicaid
  • Capable Of Directly Submitting Claims Electronically To BCBS
  • Capable Of Directly Submitting Commercial Claims Electronically via Clearing House (supplier will incur clearing house fees for this service)
  • Electronically Retrieve/Manage Billing Confirmation Reports
  • Electronically Retrieve/Manage Remittance Advices
  • All Communication Routine Are Scripted For Automatic Processing

Listings And Report Include

All report are real-time and allow the operator to specify their own range and variables for the running of reports.  Please note, that the reports provided are just a sampling and can be modified to suit your needs, additional report can be developed anytime.

  • Patient Demographic Reports & Listings
  • Daily Treatment Reports & Listing
  • Payment Reports & Listings
  • Adjustment Reports & Listings
  • Billing Reports & Listings
  • Accounts Receivable Status Report
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report
  • Detailed Payment Reports & Summaries
  • AND MORE!!!

Purchase Options & Pricing

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