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TMS 837P Non-Ambulance

TMS 837P Non-Ambulance was designed specifically for Louisiana Medicaid Non-Ambulance Transportation providers.

System Features Maintains/Supports

  • Required Patient Demographics For Billing LA Medicaid
  • Tracks Prior Authorization Activity
  • Patient Account Note Information
  • Multiple Modifiers To Suit Billing Requirements
  • Payment & Adjustment Information
  • Manages All Patient Historical Activity
  • Password Protected System
  • Supports Private Transportation Billing & Receivables
  • Uploads Transit Information From First Transit/RouteMatch
  • AND MORE!!!

Billing Features

All billing routines are designed to give providers complete control of their billing efforts.  The Newly Designed AND Approved 837P Version will transmit your claims directly to LA Medicaid WITHOUT the use and added cost of additional software (BLAST) or the use of clearing houses.

The incorporated communication routines allow you to transmit your claims via Dial-Up or through the Internet (SFTP).  Both routines are scripted to automatically dial, establish the communication link, transfer your batched claims, retrieve confirmation reports, retrieve electronic remittance advices and disconnect your communication link.

  • 837P Tested & Approved
  • HIPAA 5010 Compliant
  • Pre-Submission/Post Submission Billing Reports
  • Electronically Submits Claims DIRECTLY To LA Medicaid
  • Electronically Submit Adjustment & Voided Claims DIRECTLY To LA Medicaid
  • Electronically Retrieve/Manage Billing Confirmation Reports
  • Electronically Retrieve/Manage Remittance Advices
  • All Communication Routine Are Scripted For Automatic Processing

Listings And Reports Include

All reports are real-time and allow the operator to specify their own range and variables for the running of reports.

  • Patient Demographic Reports & Listings
  • Payment Reports & Listings
  • Adjustment Reports & Listings
  • Billing Reports & Listings
  • Accounts Receivable Status Report
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report
  • Detailed Payment Reports & Summaries
  • Prints MT-3 Forms & Summary MT-3 Reports
  • AND MORE!!!

Purchase Options & Pricing

To Purchase via Company Check (Print Order Certificate)

Please Note:  You have 2 - Purchase Options:  1) A 1-time purchase at $595.00 OR 5-Monthly Installments of $125.00

TMS 837P Non-Ambulance
(Single Billing Entity/Single Tax Id)
Monthly Installment Payment
(5-Monthly Installments, Due by the 7th of each Month)
Quarterly Software Support $125.00
Billing Transmission Services
(Per Transmission/Submitter Id)
Internet sFTP Billing Option
(Per Submitter Id)