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Thomas Systems, Inc.

Developer of Comprehensive Windows Based Software To Effectively Manage Patient Accounts And Medical Billing

Thomas Management Systems "TMS"

Our Mission

To Provide Our Clients With The
Products and Services
They Demand Without The Hidden Cost Of Doing So

Thomas Systems, Inc. firmly believes our success stems directly from our ability to provide comprehensive practice management software that is accompanied with timely and consistent support, "without the hidden cost of doing so".

Our software systems are designed to support CMHC-Community Mental Health Centers, ORF-Outpatient Rehab Facilities, CORF-Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab Facilities, DME-Durable Medical Equipment, Long-Term Care Providers, Medicaid Providers, Medicare Providers and other UB04/HCFA-1500 Billing facilities.

Though our software systems are easy to manipulate, our systems differ from the others by: 1) Providing our clients with customizable software that is designed around your organization.  2) Providing our clients with comprehensive patient accounting and billing features that is not only user-friendly, but addresses you informational requirements today and in the future.  3) Most important, providing our clients with the products and services "without the hidden cost of doing so".

Speaking of "No Hidden Cost", there is only two costs associated with our software systems:  1) The initial cost of the software (a flat fee that is clearly stated), and 2) Monthly or Quarterly software support cost (PERIOD).

We at Thomas Systems, Inc. are sincerely grateful that you have taken this moment to review the products and services we offer.  It is our hope that you will find our products and services useful in you desire to equip your organization with the software tool it needs for the effective management of patient billing information.

If after viewing our software solutions, you would like to share your thoughts, comments and/or questions, please feel free to call use via our toll-free telephone number or email from our Contact Page.  Your thoughts, comments, questions and/or suggestions will only allow us to better serve you!!!